James Dean Has been Mandela Effected

Having read about it repeatedly in recent years, I am fairly well-versed in the phenomenon of the Mandela Effect. Regardless of articles read, and listening to testimonies by those who have experienced it, nothing prepared me for my own, personal “what in the name of all that makes sense is going on here?” Mandela Effect jolt.

I still am questioning my memory, checking and rechecking articles I have read before, and reexamining photographs I have looked at long and hard in the past. It is shocking and unsettling to have clear, concise learning and memories turned upside down, without a single clue explaining when or how everything on a subject changed, so radically.

For anyone who may not be fully aware of just what it is: The Mandela Effect is an observable phenomenon where people have clear memories of events that did not occur, or they misremember events and facts that did happen. There are various theories explaining the phenomenon; however, a prevailing theory among those who have studied evidence and testimonies places the cause squarely on memories implanted from parallel universes.

The name, itself, arose from a memory people around the world shared that Nelson Mandela died in prison in South Africa in the 1980s. Later, when he did die in 2013, they could only express their stunned disbelief. He already had died, and they watched his funeral on TV.

The list of events and items common to this phenomenon is lengthy and baffling, especially to anyone who attempts to understand what strange twist or turn made something become completely different. Just a few examples:

1. Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs. Is it Meyer or Mayer?

2. Is it Sex In The City or Sex And The City?

3. Does Uncle Pennybags in Monopoly have a monocle or not?

4. Is it Berenstain Bears or Berenstein Bears?

5. Is C-3PO all gold?

And what is my very own experience? I have to begin by stating I am wild about James Dean. I discovered him sometime in the 90s, when I stumbled upon Rebel Without A Cause, and since then, have read everything I could find about him multiple times, attempting to know who he was, and what contributed to his amazing ability as an actor. There are not enough adjectives to describe his incredible presence on screen, and how devastated the world was when he was killed at age twenty-four in a grotesque automobile accident.

I knew everything there was to know about that horrible car crash, every gruesome detail. Until today. As I was reading a different online story, a reference to James Dean caught my eye, and I began reading the accompanying story.

The car he was driving and his destination were correct. But the rest was upside down. Until today, he was alone in his Porsche, and crashed into a truck driven by a local Paso Robles, California farmhand named, ironically, Donald Turnupseed, who drove his older truck onto the highway, attempting to cross it, pulling directly into Dean’s speeding path.

In the new version, Turnupseed is a twenty-three year old college student attending Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California, and was driving a black and white 1950 Ford Tudor. He turned left in front of James Dean, and they hit practically head on. There are even photos of his car showing damage from the collision.

I was so surprised finding these new details, I read every article in Google to make sure it was not one mistaken piece. No. They all reported the same thing. As trivial as it is, this story is one more added to the legion of Mandela Effect stories; an incident, reported a certain way in a certain time, is now, more or less, the same, yet altered by forces we do not see, nor truly understand. Multiple dimensions? Time travel? Mind manipulation? We will know, someday. But not this day.

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Greada Treaty Of Deceit: Nordics, Greys, And A US President

It is February 20, 1954. President Dwight David Eisenhower is on a quickly called for and arranged mini-vacation to Palm Springs, California. He just had a vacation in Georgia, but he seems to need more golf. 

Unfortunately, President Eisenhower has to leave his vacation residence, at night, to make an emergency visit to a dentist. While eating fried chicken, he has had a troublesome cap on a front tooth come off, and it needs immediate repair. It has taken all night, and the President does not return home until dawn on the 21st, the following day. 

As plausible as this scenario may appear, Eisenhower’s tooth is intact, and he actually is taken to Edwards Air Force Base, formerly know as Muroc Army Air Field, north, in Kern County, California. There, instead of a dentist, he meets with Aliens from another Solar System to discuss a possible treaty. 

These Aliens are Nordic-looking, very much resembling the residents of Planet Earth. In the meeting with Eisenhower, they admonish him about the dangerous path his government is pursuing with nuclear weapons. They have a better way, and offer to assist in transforming society into healthful, peace-loving, spiritually mature caretakers of the planet and its population. 

Eisenhower believes he needs technology that will further his plans for weaponization, which from his perspective, guarantees strength and protection for the United States, in perpetuity. He rejects the Alien’s offer and refuses to submit to their plan for peaceful coexistence, which definitely includes nuclear disarmament.

A year later, president Eisenhower’s Air Force One landed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, followed by the appearance of three round craft; one landing close to Air Force One, one hovering above, and one subsequently disappearing from view. 

Eisenhower boarded the craft, and when he reappeared, he had signed a Treaty with the occupants, Grey Aliens. He and the Aliens had negotiated the following:

• We would not be involved in their affairs and they would not become involved in ours

• They would help us with developing our technology

• They would not make a treaty with any other nation on Earth

• They could abduct humans for various experiments, but had to provide names of all those they abducted to Earth’s Majestic 12 committee

• The public would not be informed about the existence of ETs

This is the GREADA TREATY, acknowledged anecdotally, discussed, written about, and believed, or not, to have existed for sixty-four years. There is one issue to this treaty which has not received adequate consideration during all this time. That is, it is utterly and unequivocally without legality or merit. 

President Eisenhower was an intelligent man, surrounded by knowledgeable, intelligent staff, steeped in Constitutional law. He, and they, would have known, without hesitation, the president could make any treaty with whomever he wished; however, that treaty had to be discussed, analyzed, and agreed upon by two-thirds of the United States Senate. It was not. They were never even aware of the treaty. Therefore, it was null and void before Eisenhower ever stepped off the Grey’s craft.

There has been much speculation about the extent to which the Greys have deceived and disregarded stipulations of the Greada Treaty. However, in light of the illegality and outright deception on behalf of President Eisenhower, it would seem sanctimonious for the Greys to be the ones criticized. 

Perhaps a day will come when all mankind, and especially representatives of the United States, can make an honest treaty. And when it happens, that day will be celebrated as the time we all became eligible to take our rightful place in the Universe, and finally be members in good standing with our Star Neighbors. We continue to wait. 

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Her Ghost: Heaven On The Beach

She was a bright, shiny star in the 1930s and 1940s. In those days, Ginny Sims sang her way into everyone’s heart via radio, singing with the Kay Kyser Orchestra. In time, she developed her own radio shows, and hit the silver screen, becoming a huge star in “B” movies. Sims made her last movie in 1951, but found her way onto television, as well as continuing her singing career on radio.

By the early 1960s Ginny had found a new passion. She and Pat Boone became some of the first investors in Ocean Shores, Washington. This new resort community would be located on a six mile long sand spit in the Pacific Ocean, which had once been used by the Chinook, Chehalis, and Quinault Tribes that now make up the Quinault Indian Nation.

As Sims and Pat Boone promoted the new resort town of Ocean Shores Estates, Ginny opened and operated the Ginny Sims Restaurant at the Ocean Shores Inn. While the development grew, her restaurant and nightclub brought in the Hollywood set. On Grand Opening night, chartered planes flew up a whole contingent of Hollywood stars, and 11,000 people turned out at Bowerman Basin to see the celebrities.

After many successful years, time and retirement found Sims living in Palm Springs, California. And on April 4, 1994, she was playing golf on her favorite course, when she had a heart attack and died, then and there, at the age of 80. It is not too surprising when someone of that age passes away, but there is more to Ginny Sims’ death. 

On the same day, in a small town on Washington’s rugged coast, the heavy equipment had arrived, and work had begun. The old Ginny Sims Restaurant was being torn down, to be replaced by the new Shilo Inn and Restaurant. As the first bulldozing began in Ocean Shores, Washington, Ginny Sims fell dead in Palm Springs, California.

Construction of the Shilo Inn was completed, and shortly after its opening, stories began circulating throughout the hospitality community in town. The Shilo was haunted! There was a lady, sometimes dressed in red, sometimes dressed in white, who wandered through the lobby late at night, and loved helping people out by pushing buttons on the elevators, opening and closing doors for those who needed help, or not. She was reported to follow staff around through the hallways, lending them a sense of her presence and watchfulness. And always when she was near, everyone noticed a scent of lilac. 

Her laughter has been heard, and when the area from which it came was checked, no one was there. She has opened elevator doors for staff whose arms were full, or elevator buttons were pushed as someone reached to push it, himself. Her reflection, as she strolled through the lobby, has been observed in the giant wall mirror behind the front desk, but vanished when the front desk agent turned to look at her. One employee reported an evening when his blood sugar got too low, and he almost passed out. A presence seemed to help him along until he could get food and remedy the situation. He said feeling her presence until his blood sugar rose to normal levels was very comforting, not frightening at all.

These ghostly activities at the Shilo Inn have continued for all the years it has stood where Ginny Sims Restaurant and Nightclub once were the highlight and promise to come of the Venice-inspired vision early developers held for their Hollywood investors. Some people, who have been a part of Shilo since it was first constructed, like to think Ginny simply had a place in her life where she was very happy, and successful. Those places always are difficult to leave, and perhaps, in her case, she found a way to return, and continues as the grande dame in her own heaven on the beach. 

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Connecting Dots: Robert Bigelow, Disclosure And The ISS

When Mainstream Media breaks a story which has global impact, and the end result leaves the public with more questions than answers, tendencies run toward filling in the blanks. As physics taught us, “nature abhors a vacuum”. The December 16, 2017 New York Times article, which has been described as soft disclosure from the UFO front, is just such a story. 

In this article, news of a $22 million program to assess the threat to Planet Earth by UFOs was disclosed. It reported the years in which the non-public, quietly funded, back office program was managed from the Pentagon; who the players were, including both governmental and private citizens; where warehouses storing materials from UFO crash sites are located; when it supposedly ended, and the fact that the program actually may be ongoing.  

Many names of prominent, credentialed people have consistently appeared in the original story, and in subsequent articles, podcasts, MSM shows, and radio talk show broadcasts. Out of all the people mentioned, there is one name which holds the most intrigue. Robert Bigelow. 

Mr Bigelow is a Las Vegas, Nevada billionaire who built his fortune in the 1990s developing commercial real estate, motels and apartments. He also is the founder of Bigelow Aerospace. And it has been reported he bought private files from UFO reporting sites on social media and nonprofit agencies, including the Mutual UFO Network; although when contacted, MUFON’s Director of Communications stated via email, MUFON had never sold their files. 

Bigelow has indicated that he plans to spend up to $500 million to develop the first commercial space station. His company already has launched two experimental space modules, Genesis I and Genesis II, and has plans for full-scale manned space habitats to be used as orbital hotels, research labs, and factories.

How do so many dots connect? The next NASA budget request by the White House will likely include plans to end the agency’s operations of the International Space Station by the mid 2020s. On January 24, 2018, the Office of Management and Budget announced the fiscal year 2019 budget proposal will be released no earlier than February 12, 2018, in which a plan is called for to end direct federal government support of the ISS by 2025. What will happen to the US presence in space? Who will fill the void? 

Robert Bigelow is the man of the hour. He has stated he plans to build stand-alone space stations, which are launched by privately operated rockets. These will be used as research laboratories orbiting Earth, or possibly part of an effort to establish permanent presence on the moon or Mars. Bigelow also has linked his aerospace business with the United Arab Emirates. In early 2011, he signed a memorandum with the Dubai based Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology to “explore joint efforts”, so international cooperation will continue and expand through privatization. 

One final possibility to consider in filling the vacuum left by MSM; Mr Bigelow has stated publicly, including on the 60 Minutes TV show, that he was “absolutely convinced” there have been extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. All wise business people require risk assessment before investing money in any project. If Aliens are real and present entities on Earth, it would be prudent to find their strengths, weaknesses, and intentions. A study of them and their potential threat to planned development in space would be essential; ergo, the Advance Aerospace Threat Identification Program. 

It was funded by the US government, paid to Robert Bigelow, and provided not only necessary threat potential and analysis, but slyly opened the back door to disclosure. The picture is completed, and all the dots link up, one by one. 

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Bigfoot At the Gifting Site

Springtime, especially in the Pacific Northwest, is almost here, and even with more than a month of official winter days remaining, green shoots can be seen, everywhere. With thoughts of melted snow, and woodlands again becoming accessible, it is also time to think about Bigfoot. Yes Bigfoot believer’s; hunting for Bigfoot, making contact with Bigfoot, and especially gifting Bigfoot. 

As Bigfoot gifting sites become more and more popular with seekers of this acclaimed Hide and Seek Champion, there are items and practices that have become familiar and constant. We are seeing and hearing about balls, shiny colorful glass stones and beads, edible treats, juices, baubles, and trinkets. 

After spending this winter wondering about Bigfoot, and what he does with his time, besides evading human hunters, a plan has unfolded that just might be a way of enhancing the experience for both Bigfoot and his hunter. And it still includes the gifting site, which so many hunters seem to enjoy, much to the disapproval of others. 

Gifting sites have posed a large issue for some Bigfoot believers, in that they seem more like traps than sites of kindness, generosity, and outreach. Add to the potential threat posed to Bigfoot of being captured at one of these places, some of the gifts left for him have been questionable. Those most objectionable are the food items that contain sugar, chemicals, artificial colors and flavors. Of course they taste good, but they are not good for humans nor Bigfoot. Leaving him these items seems more akin to poisoning him than gifting him. 

And the toys and baubles? What has been the point? Bigfoot either leaves them, or removes them from the site. Occasionally, some of the items have been moved, a bit. But most often, the hunter never sees how Bigfoot interacts with the items, nor what eventually is done with them.  

Going back to basics and square one of the Bigfoot adventure, could there be a more productive way to obtain better results? What exactly are the desired results to begin with? Has the Bigfoot hunter even given thought to this? 

If one makes the leap forward that, based on sightings by so many people, Bigfoot exists; and not only exists, but inhabits a particular area, then what would be a logical and productive next step? Establishing contact, and rudimentary communication is a good place to begin. Since we have heard many vocalizations by Bigfoot, and between more than one with others of his kind, it is reasonable to believe he understands basic sounds and motions are a means to communicate. 

If the Bigfoot hunter wants to establish a gifting site, why not use it as a place where genuine communication was initiated? The tools to accomplish this are affordable and simple. 

Since his abilities are unclear, and have been presented from being very cunning and clever to that similar to any primate, it is likely the best place to begin, and the easiest and most comprehensible to both Bigfoot and humans, would be in introducing each to the other. 

What would Bigfoot like, could benefit from, and would then, if he had the same, be able to understand why humans would be seen with them? First we need to install a trail camera for recording Bigfoot activities at a gifting site. Then we leave a kit that contains a durable hand mirror, so he can take a good look at himself, and hopefully leave fingerprints. Include a dog hairbrush. Who doesn’t want the tangles brushed out of one’s hair? Add a durable shoulder bag. He could carry gathered foods, toys for Baby Bigfoot, and other items needed during travel. A photo album would be enormously helpful. It could contain pictures of the human, wearing or using all the items included in the kit. Next, a most beneficial gift would be a tablet of blank paper and a box of large, fat crayons. Some pages could already have simple pictures drawn showing an activity, a self portrait, the site itself. Give him the opportunity to draw back. Then there is music. A child’s xylophone and a wooden mallet would be perfect for starters. Let him make music, and he might fill the woods with his own song. Other items in this starter kit that could have quite a positive result in helping Bigfoot understand the humans attempting to communicate would be male and female anatomically correct dolls. Since he would only have seen humans clothed, this could help them make more sense to him. Finally, to show concern and possibly affection, a large, fuzzy, warm blanket could be included. Blankets always are a comfort and bring feelings of warmth and love. Maybe Bigfoot would appreciate something so simple to take back to his sleeping place. 

As mentioned earlier, these items are for initial contact in the hopes of a reciprocal relationship where communication is established. When that happens, the sky is the limit in where it all can go. Give Bigfoot a chance to understand and give back; it’s worth a try, and just might open new doors to knowing our elusive friend. 

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Borrowing From Peter To Pay Paul, Or Where’s My Social Security?

In this day and age of information zooming pell-mell down the electronic highway, often faster than the public can assimilate, there should not be any surprise at people’s varied, and sometimes off-base responses to news which affects them in serious and alarming ways.

One outrageously provocative issue is the future of Social Security in the US. Everyday, in one or more publications, or on multitudes of social media pages, dangers, threats, fake news, and histrionic reactions play out. The public, especially those who depend now, or will in the near future, on Social Security Benefits are alerted, confused, and quite possibly frightened into a state of rage at, and mistrust of their government and lawmakers.

An enormous challenge to the retired at this stage of Who’s On First, in a jumble of facts or fiction, is the message that President George W Bush, borrowed $1.37 trillion from the Social Security Trust Fund during his presidency, and spent it on wars, bailouts, and assorted government expenses. And he never paid it back.

The presidencies have moved on, and the monies borrowed by those next in office have increased, with a total now hovering around $3 trillion. It is very disturbing when someone trusted dips into, borrows, and mishandles one’s future, that was paid for and anticipated receiving back by workers since the 1930s. How could they?

The reality is, no one has done anything wrong, nor inappropriate. As a matter of fact, what has happened was, and is, mandated by law.

For about fifty years, Social Security paid out, yearly, close to what it took in through annual payroll taxes. However, in 1982 President Ronald Reagan saw the surge in Baby Boomers gaining on their retirement age, and initiated a payroll tax hike to cover the impending increase in payouts. As a result, Social Security began accruing a surplus.

Herein lies the cause of today’s and tomorrow’s dilemma. By law, the US Treasury is required to take the surplus, and in exchange, issue interest accruing bonds to the Social Security Trust Fund. In the meantime, the Treasury uses the cash to fund government expenses. The Treasury has to repay the monies whenever the Social Security Commissioner wants to redeem them.

Unfortunately, the Trust Fund stopped running in surpluses in 2010. There still is enough cash in the Fund to pay benefits until around 2020, or with some juggling, 2026. Therefore, the bonds have not been cashed in, and evidently will not be until then.

The end of the line and call to action will come sometime in the 2020s. At this point, there is no mystery. The bonds will have to be redeemed, and the taxpayer will be faced with that job. Perhaps, provisions will be made ahead of time, and a plan put in place for this repayment; all in positions of power being fully aware this day will be here in possibly three short years.

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Words To The Wise

I am so shocked, I can hardly believe what I now know. It started when I was in high school. In those days, I read Seventeen Magazine, faithfully. It was my source for all things pertaining to teen life, body awareness, and boys.

Every month the best part, which I savored, was an article, or a quiz, on love, and I was most eager to learn whatever they could teach me. One month I found IT. IT being the answer to my most burning question about love; and my life was changed.

IT became my enduring motto. I clipped IT out, and carried IT in my wallet until long after I was married and had kids. I do not recall when I weeded IT out, and threw IT away. Probably happened during one of those moments when I needed more room for grocery store coupons, or someone’s permission slip for a field trip, because heaven knows, I never carried money, there.

I always attributed IT to that hallowed magazine; their worldly-wise editors providing this awkward, country girl the answer to life’s most basic question. How do I find love?

Today, all these years down the road, I have just learned Seventeen Magazine “borrowed” those words to live by. As I think about it, the word plagiarism comes to mind, because credit for the source of my pithy proverb was never given. But, I don’t think anyone cared then, nor now.

And who, of all sage advisors to the teenage lovelorn proffered the shiny golden key so desperately needed? Ready? None other than Benjamin Franklin. That’s right. Old Ben Franklin had, unbeknownst to me, been put in charge of my real life bildungsroman.

It’s not that I don’t like Mr Franklin. His face is, after all, on the hundred dollar bill. And who hasn’t seen a drawing of the old gentleman holding the string to a kite that has a key attached? It’s just that I never imagined he would be the one who knew how to get from here to there across that crazy minefield of love.

I realize it doesn’t matter. Benjamin Franklin said it, Seventeen Magazine took credit, and I believed it. So I think I am giving testimony to the fact that words of wisdom, to be precisely that, must withstand the test of time. And these have, do, and will. Thank you, Ben; you taught me life’s best lesson

If you would be loved, love and be loveable.

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