Where The Country Mouse Lived

When one is new, or relatively new to an area, the most dreaded of all questions inevitably is asked, “And where are you from ?” Oh boy. You just had to ask, didn’t you?  The answer is, “pretty much everywhere”, and it never gets any easier to explain how a family could move an average of […]

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Downtown Granny

My son and I were cleaning the seventy-two clams he and my grandson had dug that morning at our local beach, and as we worked together, our conversation turned to some tiny gold scissors I had brought into the kitchen to aid in our task. Our particular clams are small, and we found a really […]

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Don’t Want To Ride That Carp

I wish someone had left detailed directions for finding our family’s old fishing holes. There were so many, and each was within an hour’s drive of our home, located somewhere in that grassy rolling land between town and foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I do not know how my dad and grandfather knew of […]

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Let The Peach Wars Begin

“We are in this fight to win, and if you don’t mean it, or aren’t willing to give it everything you’ve got, get out and go home!” That was my brother’s opening speech and call to arms every summer at the beginning of the peach wars.  These wars were the highlight of our summer months, […]

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Reach High, Reach Far

We all were in the kitchen making Margherita pizza, one of the family favorites, and as trains of thought meandered this way and that, discussions pinging off each mile post along the way, someone mentioned the unlimited career choices available to the youth of today. We agreed there is no doubt the children in this […]

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Let’s Skin That Dinosaur

I was thinking about the importance of words, and how we want to be perfectly understood, all the while understanding imperfectly. And it is not just semantics or definitions of words; there is so much more, especially if one has resided in different regions of the United States. Because, the reality is, we are not […]

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