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Happy Anniversary Boomer Connection!

One year ago today I started writing Boomer Connection. For the longest time my kids pointed out I never spoke about myself, and they really wanted to know what it was like to grow up in the 50’s, and come … Continue reading

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From Name Tag To Superhero, Just Call Me Rosemary

There was a time when I worked as a restaurant accountant for one of the hotels in my resort town on Washington’s rugged coast. When the need arose, I also filled in as hostess for the evening shift. I really … Continue reading

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The Word That Must Not Be Spoken

Sitting here, enjoying a lovely afternoon, television on a news channel, political pundits’ conversation filling the room with background noise; when all of a sudden, with zero warning, I heard the dread word. My head jerking up, uttering an audible … Continue reading

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That I May Participate In This Republic

We all know what today is, right? National Constitution Day! Yes! This is the 227th anniversary of the day our United States Constitution was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Besides being the supreme law of the United States of America, which … Continue reading

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They Said You’ll Never Be Miss America

It’s been so many years since the Miss America Pageant was broadcast on television for the first time. I was seven years old, it was a Saturday night, and my siblings and I were going to be allowed to stay … Continue reading

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School Of Yesteryear: Taught, Fed, Corrected, Directed

Jump rope, jacks, dodge ball, four square, tether ball; there were more things to be excited about, when it came to the first day of school, than books and a new teacher. I still can remember the crispness of an … Continue reading

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Happy Wattle Day

There are few experiences that make me happier than finding a new thing. At least new to me. Today my joy is full! And what did I find? A word which I always have loved, because it reads and sounds … Continue reading

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