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Shid Ald Akwentans Bee Firgot…

All right, my loves, if we are going to bid farewell to this tired old year, let’s have Robert Burns lead us, as though it were 1788, in singing his poetic creation. Clear your throats, tune your pipes, and pull … Continue reading

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Life In The Time Of Cruising

December days in California’s San Joaquin Valley are cold, overcast, and often foggy. Tule fog, foggy. That is the fog where visibility can go from 600 feet to zero feet with little or no warning; there just is no way … Continue reading

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Later On We’ll Perspire, As We Sit By The Fire…No That’s Not Right

There is a Taco Bell commercial on TV that causes me to chuckle every time it plays. The commercial is pretty lame as it advertises a new rolled chicken taco. Lame aside, as many times as it has run, I … Continue reading

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You Will Rue The Day Arrogant Arachnid

Oh no! Spider alert! I repeat, HUGE poisonous spider alert! And I believe this could be a very angry spider! I was sitting in my chair, peacefully drinking morning coffee, reading blog posts, catching up with Facebook friends when a … Continue reading

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Ha! Fix This You Silly Mortal!

Some days I wish there were no Update, Edit, or Fix This Post At Your Own Risk options. It seems this is one of those days. And I should know better! I always have regretted it after monkeying with something … Continue reading

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Just What She Always Never Wanted

When we look back on Christmases past, we like to remember gifts received, especially those cherished items that we have held close to our hearts for a lifetime. But there also were those gifts we remember; the ones which made … Continue reading

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“A Date Which Will Live In Infamy”

My dad never spoke of his service to our country. In her gravest tone of voice, my mother taught us at an early age to never, ever ask him about the Navy, or World War II, or Pearl Harbor. And … Continue reading

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