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Chris Cogswell And MUFON-Spaced Out Weekend Saturday Newsweek Magazine Sunday

In January, 2018, the Mutual UFO Network chose a new Director of Research, Chris Cogswell, who is based in Minnesota, and produces a podcast on the philosophy of science, technology, and pseudosciences, titled “Mad Scientist”. Cogswell came to MUFON with a PhD … Continue reading

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Smelliest Cheese In Britain

If one were a unique cheese in Britain, the sobriquet, Smelliest Cheese would be a name proudly worth bearing. That title indeed exists, and goes to Stinking Bishop, an award winning artisanal cheese. This is a Gloucestershire cheese, with a  nutty … Continue reading

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Is It Trump’s Galician Sister

A hard hard working woman, farming in northwestern Spain, has just found surprising fame and attention. Dolores Leis Antelo was photographed by journalist, Paula Vázquez, who was covering a story about farming in the area, and posted one of her … Continue reading

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No Joke! Uranus Stinks

Patrick Irwin, of Oxford University in England, and his colleagues have studied the air around Uranus, and found, among other things, that it stinks. Its most unpleasant smell is caused by hydrogen sulfide, the molecule that gives rotten eggs their … Continue reading

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My Selfie Not Yours

In 2011, wildlife photographer, David Slater, walked away from his camera, leaving it unattended for a few moments. While he was gone, Naruto, a 7 year old crested macaque, who was living on a reserve in Indonesia, came across the camera, … Continue reading

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Let’s Picnic In The Cemetery

Rest in peace is a common enough expression. Everyone knows what it means, and why someone would say it. And they certainly know where the resting place is located; that being the local cemetery. But what may not be known, … Continue reading

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Mysterious File Sent By Mistake

MuckRock, is a news organization specializing in filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with state and federal government bodies. In its many filings, strange and unexpected results have been received, but none quite so surprising as the bundle just … Continue reading

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