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A Hardship That Never Was

Life has a way of wearing down what it considers my rough edges. It never seems to matter that I like me just the way I am (thank you, Mr Rogers), and would prefer to be left alone with all … Continue reading

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Of Orchards, Smudge Pots, And Friends

If you lived near fruit groves in California or Florida way back when, you probably remember smudge pots and smudging. I believe the practice fell out of favor in the 1970s, but for any of us who grew up around … Continue reading

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Life In The Time Of Cruising

December days in California’s San Joaquin Valley are cold, overcast, and often foggy. Tule fog, foggy. That is the fog where visibility can go from 600 feet to zero feet with little or no warning; there just is no way … Continue reading

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Ha! Fix This You Silly Mortal!

Some days I wish there were no Update, Edit, or Fix This Post At Your Own Risk options. It seems this is one of those days. And I should know better! I always have regretted it after monkeying with something … Continue reading

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Forty-five Years And Counting, Where The Air Is Sweet

On November 10, 1969, the TV show which forever would change children’s television debuted on public broadcasting stations around the country, courtesy of the Children’s Television Workshop. I believe it is one of the best things that ever happened to … Continue reading

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No Left Turns; An Idiosyncrasy To Embrace

I freely acknowledge I have idiosyncrasies. Quite a few to be completely truthful. However odd they might appear to someone else, they are mine, I own them, and I am all right with them. So for anyone who is inclined … Continue reading

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The Word That Must Not Be Spoken

Sitting here, enjoying a lovely afternoon, television on a news channel, political pundits’ conversation filling the room with background noise; when all of a sudden, with zero warning, I heard the dread word. My head jerking up, uttering an audible … Continue reading

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