It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s ———

There is a common saying attributed to the FBI; “When in doubt, cross it out”. In response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, and subsequent lawsuit, the Federal Bureau of Investigation finally forwarded requested records; however, they redacted a reporter’s name, thus proving the Bureau’s strict policy of protecting identities is still very much in effect, even if it is fictional. 

In response to a request for records about a play written for the Church of Scientology, in what appeared to be efforts to discredit a former member, the FBI redacted the name of an ace reporter from “The Daily Planet”, fictional newspaper for the City of Metropolis in the DC Comic universe. Information released to Emma Best, the journalist who eventually had to file a lawsuit to obtain the Church of Scientology records, clearly shows the name of reporter, Clark Kent, redacted, while photojournalist, Jimmy Olsen’s name is left visible.

The FBI relied upon both the b(6) and b(7)(c) privacy exemptions to justify its redactions, and protect Mr Kent’s privacy. It was confirmed to be Kent’s identity they were attempting to protect, because “Mr” was not marked out, thus eliminating the possibility it could have been star reporter, Lois Lane. 

No explanation has been forthcoming on how such an oversight, or laughable mistake, could have happened in the FBI. It is difficult to understand how the FBI’s FOIA staff would not know “The Daily Planet” was fictional, and that Clark Kent is actually Superman. In the meantime, the public can rest assured the highest investigative agency in the land is diligently working with their Sharpies in hand, maintaining the Man Of Steel’s secret identity, so he can go on in his dual life as reporter and crime buster, extraordinaire. 

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John Podesta On “Ancient Aliens”

John Podesta, former White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton, and Campaign Chairman for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run for President of the United States, was a recent guest on “Ancient Aliens”, a History network production which presents hypotheses that ancient astronauts have been contacting humans, here on Earth, for eons.

Podesta has been a longtime advocate for declassification, and release of investigations and contacts the government has had with alien life forms. During Clinton’s 2016 campaign, he told the public he had convinced her to look at the evidence, and release all she could when the election was over, and she was President. He believes there has been an attitude of complete unaccountability regarding this topic in the US government since the Harry Truman Presidency.

During his interview on the show, Podesta stated there is a system of secrecy in the US that he described as Top Secret, Confidential, and then materials descending to lower levels of classification. He said this system of secrecy is regulated by the President, using his powers of Executive Order. Podesta added the President decides on the general rules of classification, and throughout the years, some Presidents have been more open with information, while others have chosen to lean toward more secrecy. Podesta believed Hillary Clinton, had she been elected, would have been more forthcoming.

After November 8, 2016, when Donald Trump won the Presidency, it appeared hopes for disclosure had been dashed. However, since the election, government videos of UFOs have been released, in December, 2017, the New York Times ran an article on the Pentagon’s involvement in a $22 million program titled the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, major players in science, industry, and entertainment have joined up with a venture called To The Stars Academy, and President Trump has suggested the possible future creation of a military branch which would be a space force.

The belief that there would be no disclosure of secret UFO files, since Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the Presidency, has been expressed by John Podesta and other UFO believers; however, it may just be occurring in a different manner than one elected official speaking before an audience, announcing contact with alien beings. It is possible that what the public and UFO community are seeing regularly is precisely the disclosure they have desired, and spoken of for so long.








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Crime, Privacy, And Your DNA

The methods used by authorities in the arrest of accused serial killer, former police officer, Joseph James DeAngelo, have brought to light concerns expressed by people monitoring the public’s right to privacy in genealogical DNA testing. DeAngelo was arrested after his DNA was matched to crime scene DNA, using genetic material from a distant relative, whose DNA had been stored in a genealogical online database.

In their search for the killer, authorities did not seek a warrant for DeAngelo’s DNA. They waited, instead, for him to discard items he had used, and swabbed them for DNA. The results were a conclusive match to DNA from crimes committed 30 years ago.

James DeAngelo has appeared in court, handcuffed to a wheelchair, to face charges of being the Golden State Killer. The crimes he is accused of are serial killer, serial rapist and serial burglar. From 1976-1986, at least 12 murders, 50 rapes, and 100 burglaries in California have been attributed to him.

The genealogy website, used to assist in identifying DeAngelo, said they did not know their database had been accessed by any law enforcement agency. They also stated their customers are informed in advance the database could be used for other purposes; however, they added their company does not knowingly pass out DNA profiles without good cause. The company said it takes their customers’ privacy seriously, while still supporting legally justified uses of their genetic materials.

The issue in question is described by civil rights advocates as an encroachment on the privacy of suspected criminals’ relatives. The familial DNA searches, while being an effective means in tracking down crime suspects, are possibly a violation of relatives’ Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable searches. As use of this new method of law enforcement is continued, crimes can be more efficiently investigated, but privacy for an unsuspecting public will need to be clarified and guaranteed to meet Fourth Amendment protection.  

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Chris Cogswell And MUFON-Spaced Out Weekend Saturday Newsweek Magazine Sunday

In January, 2018, the Mutual UFO Network chose a new Director of Research, Chris Cogswell, who is based in Minnesota, and produces a podcast on the philosophy of science, technology, and pseudosciences, titled “Mad Scientist”. Cogswell came to MUFON with a PhD in chemical engineering, focusing on nano materials for adsorption and catalysis. 

On April 13, 2018, only four months later, Chris Cogswell resigned his position with MUFON, because he had learned that day, MUFON had not cut all ties with John Ventre, as he had been led to believe. Instead, Cogswell became aware MUFON still was closely aligned with him, albeit on a volunteer basis. 

Ventre had emailed Cogswell about the 2018 MUFON Symposium that was being held In Cherry Hill, New Jersey. When he learned of Ventre’s continued connection with MUFON, Cogswell felt his conscience could not allow him to remain any longer with the organization. 

A year earlier, in May 2017, John Ventre, a long time MUFON member, and at that time, State Director of Pennsylvania, published on his personal Facebook page, an overtly racist rant about a Netflix show:Besides objecting to the racist writings of Ventre, many members of MUFON, as well as Cogswell, found the organization’s leadership’s response to the Facebook post weak and ambivalent. In his response, International Director, Jan Harzan, stated no national organization wished to be involved in its members personal social media. He mentioned how vitriolic comments and posts had come from both sides in the presidential election, and that this behavior had seeped into all facets of social media, including affecting how people reacted to Ventre’s post. Harzan closed his response with the well-publicized comment, “Who is worse, the persons posting, or the haters hating?” 

In a Newsweek Magazine Article published, April 29, 2018, Cogswell pointed out Ventre’s ongoing involvement in the Pennsylvania chapter. He said he serves as a treasurer and conference coordinator. Ventre and Jan Harzan both stated his involvement is strictly voluntary, and does it because he likes helping his friends.

In a lengthy interview on April 28, 2018, the night before Newsweek’s article was published, Joe Rupe, Host of Spaced Out Saturday, half of the weekend lineup on Spaced Out Radio, was able to clarify Cogswell’s brief association as the Director of Research for MUFON. It was only four months, and had Cogswell known of the continuing participation of John Ventre in MUFON, it would not have even been that long. He told Rupe he would not have agreed to be their Director of Research, ever.

Cogswell went on to say others who were excited for, and interested in continuing the work begun at MUFON left with him. He told Rupe they appreciate the opportunity they had to begin their work at MUFON, and now are moving forward with their efforts to bring scientific discipline and research methodology into the field of UFOlogy. 

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Smelliest Cheese In Britain

If one were a unique cheese in Britain, the sobriquet, Smelliest Cheese would be a name proudly worth bearing. That title indeed exists, and goes to Stinking Bishop, an award winning artisanal cheese. This is a Gloucestershire cheese, with a  nutty flavor, but is best known for its strong odor, that being comparable to a reeking, sweaty locker room after a rough and tumble game of football. 

Interestingly, Stinking Bishop’s odor is developed as it is soaked in perry, a delectable pear cider, while it is ripening. The pear, a local Gloucestershire variety, is the source of the cheese’s name. 

History teaches, Frederick Bishop, a disreputable man who lived in the Gloucestershire area from 1847-1919, was a most unpleasant person, given to a lot of drinking, and very little bathing. His habits earned himself, and the pears growing in his orchards, the name Stinking Bishop.

It was in the late 20th century when Stinking Bishop pear became acquainted with a breed of cow that found itself on the endangered list. In 1972, dairy farmer Charles Martell bought some of the Old Gloucestershire cows, and hoped to produce a new cheese.

After doing some research, Martell found his land had once been farmed by Cistercian monks, who used a 17th-century monastic technique of washing the rinds of cheese they made. Martell decided to do the same, and chose pear cider as the liquid he would use for rind washing. 

While this stinky artisanal cheese is not usually found in local supermarkets, in 2005 it became a cheese star when in the film “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”, Gromit used Stinking Bishop to revive his pal.  

It took monks, drunks, cows, and pear trees to produce this special cheese, and when Stinking Bishop was officially named the Smelliest Cheese in Britain, it’s position as one of the country’s best known cheeses was gloriously secured. 

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Is It Trump’s Galician Sister

A hard hard working woman, farming in northwestern Spain, has just found surprising fame and attention. Dolores Leis Antelo was photographed by journalist, Paula Vázquez, who was covering a story about farming in the area, and posted one of her pictures of Dolores on Instagram.

It did not take long for the social media platform to light up with thousands of responses, noting Antelo’s strong resemblance to Donald Trump. It seems the blond hair and somewhat stern face has struck a chord with social media, and they want to know all about her.

In the photograph, Antelo is dressed in her farmer’s clothing, carrying a hoe over her shoulder, looking away from the camera. She had been busy planting potatoes, and was on her way to gather some cabbages. She was not worried about politics, but instead, was more concerned with a moth plague that could harm her potato crop.

Since marrying her husband 40 years ago, the native Galician has lived in Cabana de Bergantiños. The happy potato farmer has not been phased by her new fame. Antelo does not own a cell phone, so does not chat online, nor pay attention to the latest fads or trends.

Whatever news Antelo does get comes from her daughter, sharing from her phone. Antelo said it is easy to ignore internet fame when you do not own a smart phone. In the mean time, the public is enjoying getting to know everything they can about  “Trump’s Galician sister”.

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No Joke! Uranus Stinks

Patrick Irwin, of Oxford University in England, and his colleagues have studied the air around Uranus, and found, among other things, that it stinks. Its most unpleasant smell is caused by hydrogen sulfide, the molecule that gives rotten eggs their unmistakable odor. 

Using the Near-Infrared Integral Field Spectrometer (NIFS), an instrument on the 26-foot Gemini North Telescope in Hawaii, researchers studied sunlight reflected from Uranus’ atmosphere, just above the tops of its clouds. There, they observed the signature of hydrogen sulfide. 

Composition of clouds in Uranus’ sky has been a mystery for a very long time, remaining so because of its extreme distance from Earth. Unlike planets, Jupiter and Saturn, which have had dedicated orbiter missions, Uranus only has had one quick flyby by NASA’s Voyager 2, and that was in 1986.

It also has been very difficult to locate signatures of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia above the clouds, because a small saturated vapor is all that remains once it travels through the planet’s clouds. However, strength of the NIFS on Hawaii’s Gemini North Telescope gave researchers the ability to make their discoveries.

They have concluded, when compared to Neptune, whose clouds are most similar to those of Uranus, and the clouds of Jupiter and Saturn, formation environment most likely accounted for differences between the planets. The reason being, Uranus and Neptune formed much farther from the sun than Jupiter and Saturn. They believe temperature and location, ultimately, were the coalescing factors in formation of these far away planets, and the subsequent malodorous smell of Uranus. 


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